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Undead assault

Undead Assault is a first person Shooter (fps) audiogame, inspired off of the popular Zombies mode, feature in Call of Duty World at War and the Black Ops series. Take on ever increasing hordes of the undead either alone, or as a team. Earn points and occasional bonus items like powerups, max ammo, double points and more!

In this page you will see a menu where there are links for making donations to this game (you could read the reasons why we are asking for donations as well in that link), listen to some audio streams recorded by the private beta team and see the scores for all players.


  • First person shooter game, where you or your team have to survive against hordes of zombies by killing them and earning points, powerups, and new weapons by giving some points to the gift box.
  • Multilingual support: Voices in English and Spanish; Game interface in English, Spanish, Russian and Polish. There are chat channels in the server for English, Spanish, Russian and Polish aswell.
  • Scale up in the user ranking.
  • Interactive tutorial: Don't know how to play? No problem! You can follow the interactive tutorial in the Undead Assault's main menu.
  • Joystick support: Play undead Assault using your Xbox 360, Xbox one, Play station 3, play station 4 and other controllers.