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On this page you can make a donation which will benefit the development of Undead Assault. Donating is optional, however if you can, it would help us in reaching our goal of keeping this game completely free of charge for everyone. I am aware that there are people who can't pay 30 dollars for a game like Undead Assault, and there are some countries where paypal isn't easy to work with due to various bank account differences. If we can't get enough money to maintain the server, Undead Assault will be released for free, but there will be some maps which will be available as paid DLC'S (downloadable content). Of course if there are donations for the server we could release the DLC'S for free, similar to the included maps. Donating will not only ensure that you can continue playing the game without interruptions, but will also allow for the creation of more maps and content for the game in the future.