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This is the manual for Undead Assault. Take in to account that you can read it offline by looking for the documentation folder in the Game's directory. By default, you will see the manual according to your language preferences. Additionally, you can choose another language from the following list:

Undead Assault concept demo.


This game is based off of the popular Zombies mode found in Call of Duty World at War and the Black Opps series. Take on ever increasing hordes of the undead either alone, or as a team. Earn points and occasional bonus items like powerups, max ammo and more!


Simply extract the folder to a desired location, and run Undead Assault.exe. Its that easy.


When you first load up Undead Assault the first thing you must do is connect to the server. After pressing enter on this choice from the main menu, you will be dropped into a sub menu where you will be asked to log in, create an account, reset password and disconnect. Since this is your first time playing you will be creating a new account. Follow the instructions, and make sure to tab through all the edit fields after completion to make sure you didn't skip any steps.

Creating/Joining a Game

To create or join a game, press enter at 0, 0 and choose your desired option from the menu.


  • Languages for messages-Sets the language for the game interface. Currently the languages supported are English, Polish, Russian, Danish, Spanish, German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian,Thai, and Turkish. When on the map, type /lang followed by the desired language to set the chat language.

  • Language for player dialogues-Sets the language for the occasional character dialogue within the game. At present, only English, Russian and Spanish are available.

  • volume will allow you to change the master volume, just press the left and right arrows to increase and decrease volume.

  • Configure joystick-takes you through a series of button configurations. Simply press the desired button on your joystick/controller at each prompt to move through this screen. If you have an Xbox360/Xbox1 controller, you will receive force feedback (controller vibration) for certain events. These include things like killing a zombie or getting hit. At present, only the Xbox360, Xbox 1, PS3 and PS4 controllers are supported. This list is by no means a definitive one, so your welcome to try another controller. Just be aware that you may experience different results.

  • Set twitter acount-Lets you connect the game to twitter for posting scores at the end of the game.



Round 1 starts out with 6 zombies. For every round after, an additional 4 zombies will be added. As a result, you may start experiencing increasing lag as more zombies are added to the map (for now.) At round 5, zombies will also start becoming stronger, faster and gain more hp. Have fun!

Keys are as follows.

  • Tab-reports who is online.

  • F 1 through F4 displays the location of each player on your team. If they're dead, you will be notified of this too.

  • 1 through 3 select weapon. 1=Knife, 2=Weapon 1, 3=Weapon 2. (you can only have 2 weapons on your person in addition to the knife.) When you first start the game, you will be armed with the knife and M1911. Note that the knife can not be removed.

  • Space fires selected weapon.

  • R reloads your weapon (you'll need to do this when first starting a game.)

(Please note that adding shift to these 3 following review keys will jump you to the start and end of the log, respectively.)

  • Q and W cycle back and forth through the game messages. This includes chat messages, round announcements and kills.

  • Control Q and W will allow you to cycle through the server messages.

  • A and S cycle back and forth through private messages.

  • [ and ] will allow you to cycle through your map chat messages.

  • U will respawn your character. Please note that you will only be able to respawn when the next round begins. The alternative way to respawn only happens if you have aquired the quick revive. you will be able to respawn after 25 seconds after dying.

  • P will tell you how many points you have currently.

  • D will present a menu with all the objects on the map and their location. For now, this list only shows the power switch, gift box, perks and doors.

  • H reports your health. Currently, the max health is 60.

  • K will report your kills, shift K will report everyone else's (not implemented yet.)

  • apostrophe will allow you to send a private message to anyone on the server. In the first box, enter the players name (case matters for now.) The second box is where you will enter your message. Hit enter when your done and your message will be sent. Inversely, slash opens the public chat. Simply write your message and hit enter to send. Note that you can send a message to anyone on the server, even if multiple teams are playing.

  • Shift / will allow you to send a map chat that only people on your same map can see.

  • Control tab will allow you to see a list of all the users online. (note: pressing enter on any of the names in the user will allow you to copy that name straight to your clipboard.

  • Shift apostrophe replys to the last user who you private messaged.

  • Enter opens the gift box.

  • Z will report your current ammo count. For now, this is your total ammo type for that particular weapon, rather than a clip. So spend wisely!

  • Arrows-will move you in their respective directions. The click you hear when switching to a new direction means you will also be aiming in that direction.

  • Left or right shift in conjunction with arrows will make your character run.

  • C reports your location.

  • B reports the location of the gift box (more on that in the moment.)

Turning On The Power

The first thing you will need to do when starting a new game is to activate the power. Without power, you will not be able to open the doors. Note that the power switch won't always be in the same location from map to map, so be sure to use your location menu.

The Gift Box

For every kill you earn, you will be rewarded points. Once you reach 950, you are allowed to open the box. The gift box contains things like new weapons and ammo, and probably more later. Currently, the only bonus weapons in the game are the M16, AK47 and the CZ75. The box can be opened 3 times before it is moved. To move it, simply press enter on it a 4th time. There's a minute or so cooldown before the box will respawn elsewhere. Currently, it's default starting location is 0, 0. When the box is open (denoted by the sound of a music box) you will have about 10 seconds to grab your prize. The object will spawn 10 coordinates north of the box and is indicated by a beep. Simply walk over the object to pick it up.


Every so often, you will encounter doors which will lead you to other areas on the map. It costs 750 points to open a door. Once opened, the door will stay open for the duration of the game.


Starting at round 5, the game will throw random events at you every so often to keep things exciting. These grant little bonus's for a short amount of time. Each event has it's own corresponding sound to indicate the beginning and end. For now, the only ones available to you are:

  • Instakill-kills every zombie in 1 hit for 45 seconds.

  • Double points-doubles points for every kill for 45 seconds.

  • Fire sale-Spawns a gift box every 50 tiles along the bottom of the map starting at 0, 0. These only cost 10 points. Note that these boxes will disappear once the event is over. The start and end of this event is indicated by music. Once the music stops, the event is over. So get in quick! Note only 1 person can grab a box at a time. The timer resets every 15 seconds, so you can try again.

  • Max Ammo- All weapons are fully re supplied with ammo.


In the world of Undead Assault we need every advantage we can to get a leg up on the undead massess. Here's a few items that might make your life a little easier in the long run. keep in mind also that all of these can be found by pulling up your location menu mentioned in the keystrokes above.

  • Juggernaut-This perk cost 3000 points and allows a player to drink an elixer which boost your max health from 60 to a full 100. Please note that this power up leaves you immobile for 2 to 3 seconds as the character gulps it down and throws the bottle on the ground.

  • Quick Revive-This perk cost 1500 points. This allows you to respawn on the map at the area of your death without needing a player to physically run up to you and respawn you. As in the case of the juggernaut it will take 2 to 3 seconds for the player to gulp down the elixer and throw the bottle down, so make sure the area is clear or you are a sitting all you can eat buffet.

  • M14-Who doesn't like more guns? This heavy duty semi automatic weapon can be found on the wall of any map. Just pull up your locations menu and pick one up for the very very low price of 500 points.

Misc Server Commands

These commands are executed by pressing slash. Note that you will need to press slash twice (once to open the chat, another to enter a slash.)

  • /mute (playername) This function is to block any messages from a specific player that may be pestering you. Inversely, unmute does exactly as the command implies.

  • /me (action)-Lets you emote an action. For example, James stands up.

  • /rules-Displays the rules.


To stay up to date with game info, head to Undead Assault


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Huge thanks go to everyone who has been involved in testing the game and making it what it is now!

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word! We hope to see you there!