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Undead Assault Beta 4 is here

Enviado en 2016-11-05 11:58:30 por manuelcortez , 1 comentarios

Hello everyone! As promised some days ago, here is the new release of Undead Assault! We have been working for bringing you a tested and mature version of the game, though every piece of software (or game) contains errors that need to be fixed. Here I will introduce the changes for this update.


Users have been experiencing a bug that makes Undead Assault unable to open in certain computers, no matter if they are using NVDA, Any windows version or any platform and if they are not putting the game in a path with special characters, it just don’t work. This bug has been fixed for this new version and it shouldn’t happen anymore. It was caused by a problem in the Comcache, that needs to be generated during the first run of the game. But now we have fixed the problem and this bug won’t annoy you again.

Another important bug was causing that some players can’t connect to a map. When the host starts the game, players reported that they can’t hear anything at all, and other players in the same map can’t see them. It was happening when they were joining a game, and hiding the menu. And it has been fixed too, so they will be able to play normally.

Joystick users will not be able to shoot or reload a non-existent weapon while they are in the safe zone. The mechanism for changing between weapons has been fixed too, and now, joystick users can use the revive function by pushing down the let joystick in their gamepads.


The first change is the frequency of zombie attacks. I think all people who have been playing undead for some time had the following situation: You are walking, or chatting, or thinking which is the best weapon you can have… then, a few zombies suddenly appear in front of you. Then you start to run, and you discovered that there are other 5 or 7 zombies waiting for you. Then, when they are together, you die with only a bite. In this version, every zombie will have a chance for biting you, but they will not be able to do it at the same time. They will have to wait for their turn, that will give you more time for running and will make the game much more fair.

Zombies’ health is another big change. In the last version, the zombies’ health was increasing a bit with every round. Now, the health will increase in the same level as it does in the original game. Of course weapons’ damage will be adjusted too based in the same game, but you will find that probably during the first rounds will be a bit easier to kill zombies, but it could be a bit more difficult in higher rounds.

Weapons’ damage and range. Now, the damage and range of fire for the currently added weapons has been modified to fit to a more realistic game. For example, m1911 will be the weakest weapon, it can be used for short distance combats in first rounds (of course it wouldn’t be in higher rounds), CZ75 will be more powerful, but for short distance too, M16 will be a bit weaker than cz75 but it can be used as a semiautomatic weapon (more info below) and for larger distances, and AK47 is a very powerful and automatic weapon, that can be used for largest distances.

Weapon’s mode. For now, a weapon will be bound to its mode and it will determines how this weapon will shoot and works. In future versions you will be able to switch between these modes in weapons that support it, but for this version, every weapon is able to use only a mode. Currently there are manual weapons (M1911, CZ75), semiautomatic weapons (M14, M16) and automatic weapons (AK47). The difference Is in the amount of shoots a weapon can fire and how. For example, a manual weapon will request you to press the attack button every time you want to shoot a bullet, while semiautomatic will shoot 3 bullets with a single keypress. For manual and semiautomatic weapons, you can’t hold pressed the button, it won’t work. It only works in automatic weapons, where you can hold the key or button and it will keep shooting until you will have to recharge the weapon.

Changes in the revival function. You will not be able to revive yourself anymore. When you die, two things can happen. Someone in your team will go to your location and revive you, or when the next round starts, the server will revive you automatically. As this game is made for collaborating in a team, if one of your mates revives you, he will receive points that he will be able to use for buying perks or weapons (more info later) and team points that will be useful later. If they kill all zombies and the next round starts, all players will be affected, the server will take some points for everyone in the map as a fee for its service. For reviving a player, just go to your mate’s location (you can be 3 tiles around, don’t have to go to the exact location) and press the key you were using for reviving (U for keyboard users, push down the left joystick for controllers). If you are using the quick revive perk, you will be able to revive by yourself as you were able to do before, and the server will not add or take points to anyone.

New additions

A new weapon has been added, its name is M14. This assault rifle will be good for large distances and it’s able to kill zombies if they are not so close to you. The problem is that this weapon is a bit slow, so if they are closer, you maybe wanting to use a different strategy. This is a semiautomatic weapon with 9 bullets per round, and 96 bullets in total. This weapon costs 500 points, and it’s the first weapon that can be bought from the wall. Just open the locations menu and go to its position. This weapon can be bought the number of times that you want and it doesn’t have restrictions.

Added a few perks. A perk is a drink that you will be able to buy in some parts of the map, if you look and go to the location of the vending machines. Every perk will have its own vending machine and its own cost. A perk will be applied to your character until you die, and can be bought as many times as you need them.

Quick revive: This perk will costs 1500 points and will allow you to revive by yourself after 30 seconds if you are playing in multiplayer, or will allow you to revive by yourself, giving you and extra life, if you are playing in solo mode.

Juggernog: This perk will allow you to have energy and more health. With juggernog you will be able to have 100 health and you will not be tired after running for some time. Your steps will change for letting you know that the perk is active, because after taking it, it could take some time before giving you the extra energy. This perk will cost 3000 points.

Here you have the changelog in a summarized way.

Changes for this version

  • Added a new weapon, m14. This can be bought in the wall, located at 50, 49. This location will be listed in the locations menu too. This weapon will costs 500 points.
  • Modified weapon's maximum distance for killing zombies. M1911 will kill zombies up to 5 tiles, m16 up to 9 tiles, AK47 up to 15 tiles, CZ75 up to 7 tiles and M14 up to 20 tiles. Weapon's strenght have been modified too.
  • Fixed the bug that happens when someone joins a game and hide the menu, where all sounds stop but the player can't do anything and is disconnected from the server.
  • Joystick users can't shoot, reload and change their weapons while they are in the safe zone.
  • Now is possible to push the left joystick for reviving someone.
  • Changed server's infrastructure. Now, when connecting to the server, users will have some options. Login, create a new account, reset password and disconnect. Login will ask for data if you didn't set it before.
  • Create account, login and reset password are standard windows dialogues.
  • When resetting a password, you'll be emailed by the undead assault server with a link. You will have to visit that link for changing your password. That change will take effect inmediately.
  • Now zombie attacks should be spaced in time, approximately an attack per second.
  • probably fixed the bug that wasn't allowing to move when playing or safe zone.
  • Added a volume slider in the settings menu.
  • Fixed the bug wich causes frozen zombies when d or escape is pressed.
  • Announces and warnings are shown in the public chats buffer.
  • Changed the way for interacting with non-automatic weapons. You have to press the spacebar every time you want to shoot. The only Automatic weapon is AK47.
  • Now Undead Assault regenerates the Com Cache every time is opened. It's important for fixing bugs related to 105C4321-CB93-11D4-9839-00C0F0214711x0x1x0 and C866CA3A-32F7-11D2-9602-00C04F8EE628x0x5x4 COM Objects when.
  • Added russian dialogues in the map.
  • M16 is now semiautomatic.
  • Added A few perks; juggernog and quick revive.
  • If you die, you will not be able to revive by yourself anymore. Someone could go nearly to your position (at least 3 tyles away) and press U to revive you, you can revive by yourself only if you have taken the quick revive perk. If a new round starts and you are not alive, you will be automatically revived.
  • Modified the Twitter post Message.
  • The player should not be able to interact with interactable objects (the mistery box, doors) if dead.
  • Added interactive dialogues for multiplayer. When someone gets a headshot or is surrounded, his teamate should say something if it's close enough.
  • If the player is dead, he will not emite any dialogue when the box is blocked.
  • Added private games, use the options in the safe zone's menu. Private games aren't displayed in the list of games to join. You will have to set a key and everyone in your team will have to type that key in join private game. At the moment, you will have to use private messages or something for sharing the password.
  • Added private chats in maps. Press shift slash for sending a message, and use left and right brackets for reading them.
  • Changed sounds for menu actions.

These are the news, changes and fixes for the game. This wouldn’t be possible without the valuable help of everyone in the beta group, they have been working and testing all of the game’s features, reporting bugs and making suggestions for improving this game. If you want to download it, please update your current version or go to our downloads page! Enjoy this new version!


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