Welcome to the official website of Undead Assault. Undead Assault is an audiogame (games that rely only in audio targeted to blind players) based off of the popular Zombies mode found in Call of Duty World at War and the Black Opps series. Take on ever increasing hordes of the undead either alone, or as a team. Earn points and occasional bonus items like powerups, extra weapons and more!

In this website you will find all related information to Undead Assault, which is back alive after a couple of years of resting, make a donation to keep paying license fees, extra servers and other needed parts of the game infrastructure; aswell as download the client for your computer, whether as an installer or a portable version. Finally, you can check the player rating in the game from the main menu, so you can share your stats with your friends!

Reviving this project was possible thanks to the collaboration of the non-profit project Tiflo Host and the Russian Audiogame community Blind Games (in Russian)


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